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14-3-3 Proteins MeSH Descriptor Data 2023

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14-3-3 Proteins
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A large family of signal-transducing adaptor proteins present in wide variety of eukaryotes. They are PHOSPHOSERINE and PHOSPHOTHREONINE binding proteins involved in important cellular processes including SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION; CELL CYCLE control; APOPTOSIS; and cellular stress responses. 14-3-3 proteins function by interacting with other signal-transducing proteins and effecting changes in their enzymatic activity and subcellular localization. The name 14-3-3 derives from numerical designations used in the original fractionation patterns of the proteins.
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14-3-3 Protein
14-3-3 Protein, beta Isoform
14-3-3 Protein, epsilon Isoform
14-3-3 Protein, eta Isoform
14-3-3 Protein, gamma Isoform
14-3-3 Protein, tau Isoform
14-3-3 Protein, zeta Isoform
14-3-3 beta Protein
14-3-3 epsilon Protein
14-3-3 eta Protein
14-3-3 gamma Protein
14-3-3 tau Protein
14-3-3 zeta Protein
14-3-3beta Protein
14-3-3epsilon Protein
14-3-3eta Protein
14-3-3gamma Protein
14-3-3tau Protein
14-3-3zeta Protein
Brain 14-3-3 Protein
Protein 14-3-3
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Nerve Tissue Proteins (1981-1994)
Proteins (1995-1999)
Tyrosine 3-Monooxygenase (2000-2004)
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2005; 14-3-3 PROTEINS was indexed under TYROSINE 3-MONOOXYGENASE 2000-2004, under PROTEINS 1995-1999, & under NERVE TISSUE PROTEINS 1981-1994
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14-3-3 Proteins Preferred
14-3-3 Protein, tau Isoform Narrower
14-3-3 Protein, zeta Isoform Narrower
14-3-3 Protein, eta Isoform Narrower
14-3-3 Protein, epsilon Isoform Narrower
14-3-3 Protein, gamma Isoform Narrower
14-3-3 Protein, beta Isoform Narrower
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